Everest Base Camp Trek Solo Vs Group: Pros and Cons
Everest Base Camp Trek Solo Vs Group: Pros and Cons

Everest Base Camp Trek Solo Vs Group: Pros and Cons

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the best ways to explore and an opportunity to embrace Nature, its diversity, and the unique culture of native communities. In short, it is also known as the EBC trek. It lies in the geography of Everest Region a sensational tourist attraction and region. It offers a wide range of adventure and is home to Mt.Everest and other highest peaks with 8000m plus altitude class with the enormous beauty of the Himalayas and its landscapes.

EBC Trek is also well known as the best place for nature enthusiasts and adventure-seeking souls. It is also very well marked and with best features with the beauty and the diverse ecosystem of Himalayan landscapes. EBC trek is already one of the best and well known trekking trails in the world.

Snowy mountains of Himalayas on EBC
Snowy mountains of Himalayas on EBC

The region is filled with lots of options for adventures and walks which consist of the astonishing beauty of nature, the ecosystem, and the living culture of ethnic communities. It is also one of the best lands to know and witness as well as experience the footsteps over the geography of the Himalayan Land. Trekking on the EBC trail is the best thing to spend time with your family and friends as well as with yourself. And the good thing is the EBC trek provides you the chance to do both solo trekking and group trekking.

Solo trekking has been banned in Nepal since 2023 by the Nepal Government. But it can be done by hiring a guide or a potter with you. And in the case of a group, you can do it with the usual choice of group members.

So, here we are talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the pros and cons of solo and group trekking in Nepal. We will only provide you with some insights and advantages based on the features as it heavily depends on personal experience or personal interest and nature. But we provide this to you hoping this will help you lots of you are willing to do trekking in Nepal either solo or with a group.

So, stick to this with us if you want to know the actual features you could have and the disadvantages or cons you have to face in both types of trekking in Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trek Solo

Tourist admiring the evening View of Everest
Tourist admiring the evening View of Everest

As mentioned above solo trekking in Nepal has been banned in Nepal since a year later considering the safety of trekkers and some economic aims for tourism in Nepal. But one can still do it by hiring a guide or a potter with them. It is a great chance for trekkers who want to explore more about themselves and have quality time spent alone.

If you want to walk alone then you can make some distance with your guide and the potter. It is also a better option for the proper interaction with your guide and the locals to know about their living culture and traditions gaining more time to spend over your choice and preferences.

Solo Everest Base Camp Trek Pros:

  • It allows you to explore and enjoy time as of your trekking schedules and plans. You get freedom from peer pressure and the unpleasant decisions of the group. It also gives you the proper time spending opportunity on your chosen spots to have a choice on your interest.
  • Sometimes, it is hard to determine the food and the spots you want to enjoy as to match the vibe with the group members, it is necessary to take something you barely have an interest in trying. But while in solo trekking you have a wider variety of choices than what you have in group trekking.
  • Solo trekking in the Everest Region also offers you enough time to make your own decision for walking time or the time for staying. You also get the freedom to take advantage of not racing your group or fear of leaving someone behind, to keep daily schedules. You can walk on your ability and choose to do what you can.
  • In Everest Base Camp trek solo, you also would find it easier to find proper accommodation for sleeping and eating in teahouses and guesthouses. It may sometimes be very difficult to manage such things while in a group.
  • It also, sometimes gets cheaper than the group trek. As it sometimes happens unmanaged portion of spending doing group accommodation and food.

Group Everest Base Camp Cons:

  • Everest Base Camp Trek solo can be more unsafe than with the group. Everest Region is filled with a large number of natural formations and difficult geography. So, anytime any incident can happen and in such case, you get little chance of help as you are moving alone over it. And it even gets harder when you are at very remote places where very less tourists or trekkers travel though. In such a situation, it can get even worse to tackle such an emergency.
  • Very limited routes are offered as new rules and regulations by the Nepal Board of Tourism(NBT). These routes also may not filled with all the features for which you took the Everest Base Camp Trek solo.
  • It is also hard to carry all the gears and equipment alone on such a hard trekking trail. Also, it is very hard to maintain such weight by yourself instead of enjoying walking. It can be your struggling than an enjoyable trek as the routes of Everest Base Camp Trek cover remote paths and sloppy routes over hills. It also consists of very rough paths to pass through at some points.

Everest Base Camp Group Trekking

Trekkers going to EBC
Trekkers going to EBC

Group trekking is the best way to spend time with your family and friends. It is a great chance to explore the beauty of the Himalayas sharing opinions and talks. Interacting talks while walking with your friends family or your colleagues can be the best thing to have while trekking. Group trekking also gives you a chance to witness the different sides of the trekking experience.

Group Everest Base Camp Trek Pros

  • In group trekking you will be safer than in solo trekking as you are greater in number. It is also easy to help each other in case of any emergency or need of help. You also can help each other if you are tired.
  • In the Everest Base Camp Trek group all the necessary maintenance for food, accommodation, teahouses, guesthouses, porterage, and campsites are well organized for you. You just can enjoy your walk with your group members.
  • You also get rid of the weight of gears and equipment. All the materials can be distributed to the members equally to carry. And you have a potter too to carry the essentials of trekking for the groups.
  • The same thing goes for the Everest Base Camp Trek group as all the facilities available in the Trek and the paperwork like tickets and insurance are all managed by your traveling agencies for you. It is a great way to remove further stress from such headaches of doing lots of paperwork during your enjoyable trek.

Group Everest Base Camp Trek Cons

  • It is going to be more expensive than solo trekking. All the packages for the trekking journey are a bit expensive as they come with a guide, potter, and a well-managed journey with proper accommodation and food as of availability. And it also comes with the management of transportation facilities. So, you can guess why it can be such expensive than solo trekking.
  • It comes with limited routes and dates as the travel operator has to organize trekking in only such routes that are properly recognized or marked by the Tourism Board. You also got tied with the strict schedule and walking time to cover the trekking distance on marked time spending.
  • You have to give up on your freedom of trekking. You cannot enjoy your time where you want a bit longer or while you get tired you also do not get enough time for you to get rest as you have to follow your group or stick to It to gain the walking schedule in time and cover the trekking routes while doing Everest Base Camp Trek group.

Some Useful Insights about EBC Trek

  • The route of the EBC trek lies in the geography of the Everest Region diversely filled with ethnic traditions and enormous natural beauty. It covers the Himalayan area of the Solukhumbu district of Nepal, already a very popular district of the Himalayas and home to Mt. Everest the highest peak in the world. The region is also filled with very unique local cuisines and the culture of the Himalayan people and their traditions. You can explore them by interacting with locals in either Everest Base Camp Trek solo or in the Everest Base Camp Trek group.
  • The Everest Base Camp Trek is filled with plenty number of the best traditional and old teahouses and guesthouses with proper local cuisine and organic local taste. It is a great opportunity to can try the foods and drinks with local taste alone or with the trekking members gossiping about the culture and traditions with such organic taste in group trekking.
  • Lots of trekkers sometimes worry about the hospitality of people but you should not worry about the hospitality and the services of the people in this region as the trekking routes are traveled by a huge number of tourists every year. This makes the people of the region very familiar with better and better hospitality and the living culture of the people itself teaches them better hospitality to visitors and traveling legs. It is also appreciated by tourists and trekkers from all around the world, giving them a chance to explore more about the culture and traditions they are witnessing by better and further interacting with locals.
  • The journey of this diverse trail of EBC starts from the small very beautiful Himalayan town of Lukla or from the biggest Himalayan town in Khumbu Region called Namche Bazar. The journey of this Everest Base Camp covers the enormous beauty of freshwater rivers, crystal-clear lakes, massive mountain views, majestic mountain landscapes, and snow-capped glaciers. It also consists of a diverse ecosystem and is home to the very unique bond of flora and fauna.
  • The majestic beauty of the breathtaking Himalayan landscapes and range, nature walks, journey over remote paths, suspension bridges, stone stairs, forest, and adventure walks with local and organic cuisine are waiting for you as the reward of this trek both in Everest Base Camp Trek solo or Everest Base Camp Trek group.

Some Tips For You

  • Whenever you are at solo trekking or in group trekking it is very necessary to follow proper safety instructions and regulations. You should always be cautious about the warning signs and boards on the paths for both you and your team members during your trekking journey. Also, be very careful as the routes pass through very rough routes. To avoid accidents in such difficult conditions it is always very necessary to follow your safety rules and be careful. You should be more cautious when you are solo in trekking as it is hard to get some help if you get injured or have accidental incidents.
  • Everest Base Camp Trek lies over a high altitude. And with higher altitudes, it is very often to get altitude sickness as you go higher than 2500m or more in effect after you climb 3000m. So, do not make unnecessary competitions or challenges that need more respiration like running, jumping, or frequent body movements. It instantly causes you or makes you suffer from altitude sickness. You get nose bleeding, nausea, and vomiting after sickness gets its effect. In case you or your trekking members get such sickness just stay calm until it starts to recover and try to make your breathing stable and do not try to hold as it may goes further worse.
  • Do not carry or pack unnecessary and unusual things that you don’t need often in your journey. It may be a headache for you and your team on such a long journey like the EBC trek which consists of difficult stairs to climb and very remote routes to cross. Such unusual materials can make you gain heavier weight. It makes your journey more difficult for you and your team as it affects both sides.
  • It is very important and very necessary to always carry first aid and some basic medical support. The difficult trekking routes like the EBC trek consist of possible troubles and injuries so, It can be very useful to you in such conditions. It is an important attachment essential in both Everest Base Camp Trek solo and Everest Base Camp Trek group. As it is very unpredictable for accidents to happen. It is also very often to get slight and small injuries or wounds during the trekking journey in the Himalayan region. And in such a journey, it is necessary to keep aids and Medical support with you.
  • Also be very sure you carry enough medications in case you are taking some as it is nearly impossible to find such sensitive medication in the Khumbu Region because of the remoteness or very distance to reach to get access in near health post or pharmacy.
  • Mostly if you are in a group trekking always avoid unnecessary movements with equipment and gears as well as body movements as it may be very fatal for you and your team possibly causing serious accidents. It is very necessary when you or your trekking group are passing through high cliffs, narrow routes, and rough slopes of hills. So, by not making unnecessary moves and unusual stuff you can avoid big outcomes.


How long is the Everest Base Camp Trek?

It takes you 12 days to complete. It sometimes depends upon the speed as it can be delayed and finished up to 15 days of walking through a trail of EBC. It takes you up to an altitude of 5,643m of altitude from the sea level.

What is the difficulty level of EBC Trek?

It is considered to be moderate in difficulty. It also depends on you or the group members who have different levels of experience in such trekking trails.

Is it suitable for beginners?

Considering the difficulty level of moderate, yes It is suitable for beginners but can be difficult if one is an absolute beginner or about to start the trekking journey with trekking trails like EBC trek.

In the Everest Base Camp Trek group, is it necessary to take tickets for individuals?

The group trek is operated by the travel operators and agencies so, you should not worry about the tickets and the paperwork you need as they all are managed under the cost of packages you paid to them. In the case of Everest Base Camp Trek solo, you need two permits from TIMS(Trekking Information Management System) and SCAP(Sagarmatha Conversation Area Permits).

Why there are limited routes for Everest Base Camp Trek solo?

It is banned by the government of Nepal considering the safety of trekkers and the possible troubles for them. It is also considered as it can provide some economic opportunities for the people of the trekking region who are associated with the tourism industry as there are very limited opportunities to earn for them.


We provided you the insight into the features and the possible outcomes of Everest Base Camp Trek solo and Everest Base Camp Trek group with short and small explanations. It would help you to get some idea in a short time. As Everest Base Camp Trek is a mostly traveled and trekked trail among the trekking trails in the world. You can hear great tales and stories made by the trekking enthusiast and the adventure seekers but as always you will never know the actual taste of the great journey by letting yourself try and give it a chance to run.

You can’t rely on the experience of others to choose what is right for you or what a wrong choice to make in your adventure and journeys. It is on you to get it by yourself and create your own story of travel and adventure. So, we just recommend you take yourself out there on the Everest Base Camp Trek and give yourself a try.