Visit Asian country, the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’- Bhutan. A range of mountains kingdom closed deep amidst the high range of mountains may be a distinctive destination for your journey. Isolated from the skin world for hundreds of years, this fascinating country was once referred to as Shangri La, the hidden kingdom.

Take a journey to the present mystical country and skill a fashionable and spirited Vajrayana Buddhist culture. Hike to monasteries designed atop ridges and drop sides. participate in monastic festivals and dance with the cloaked dancers. Walk on the adorned corridors of recent palaces and view abundant valleys from ancient fortresses designed by Bhutanese kings. Observe the distinctive native customs and traditions. Step into centuries-old sacred Buddhist monasteries and act with the learned monks. Enter the plush jungles and explore the life Share a meal with a farming family and see what makes Asian country the country with the best ‘gross happiness index’.
Best Time to Visit Bhutan

Covered in the snow-capped mountains to the plains, Bhutan is an incredibly diverse country geographically. Known by the Land of the Thunder Dragons, Butan experiences a wide variety of climate throughout its country. Affected by the Indian Monsoons that brings rain towards some part of the country, at some periods of the year. Bhutan has calm and suitable weather for the whole year.

Mostly, the best time to visit Bhutan is from March to May in the Spring season where the flowers will bloom at their best, mountains will shine there brightest and the views are clearer than ever. During September to October, the post-monsoon season, a lot of people visits in Bhutan. Monsoon starts at Bhutan from June to September when there are heavy rainfall and a thundering climate. And the temperature hits up to a maximum at the southern part. However, Autumn is the best time when its generally and some snowflakes at higher altitudes.

And the best tip is if you travel during Spring or post-monsoon season the rates of hotels and traveling expenses are relatively higher. But if you visit during the monsoon season from June to August they are considered as off-seasons so, the costs are basically cut off. Besides, trekking if you want to visit Bhutan you can visit from June to August to save the prices.

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