Tibet – a land of the spiritual source where nature and the man-made wonders dance together. Tibet engraved by monasteries thousands of years ago and mountains by its side are such a joy in the eye to be there. The wild barren hills that take your breath away and in the middle of those magnificent carves of monasteries is such an alluring view to be in. Popular for the Buddhist Monasteries that are like a mushroom in places gives you spiritual and mental happiness. Tibet is the best destination to experience off beaten paths. It takes you across some of the most rugged terrains in the world. And on the other hand, it holds the sacred places like Mt. Kailash and other monasteries related to Buddhism.

Tibet is an absolute blessing for people that are into religion and adventure. Tibet holds something that is completely different from other nations.
Best time to visit in Tibet

Whatever the time of year you plan to visit Tibet, Tibet will surprise you in every way possible. Every season has its own uniqueness in Tibet. Depending on what kind of traveler you are, Tibet has a lot of things to in each season. Check out, what season suits best for you below.

Summer Season:

Summer Season starts in Tibet from June to the end of August. The season is the busiest season in Tibet. You can do the treks, watch mountains and enjoy the tranquil landscapes of Himalayas and monasteries. At this season you can have a clear view of Mt.Everest from Mt. Kailash and other spots.

Fall Season:

Fall Season starts in Tibet from September to the last od December. This season is calm and quiet in nature. Preferably most for trekking, a lot of travelers flock around the rugged paths of Tibet this time. Coldness touching the temperature is the perfect time to trek. You can trek to Mt. Kailash and hike to Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon the deepest canyon in the world.

Winter Season:

Winter Season in Tibet starts at November and lasts till March. Tibet is a good place to see snow during this period of the year. However, during the Losar festival, which falls in the month of February and March, Tibet remains close to outsiders. Also, some of the roads are even blocked because of the extremely cold climate. So, the best point to visit Tibet in Winter Season is November to January.

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