Since lots of adventure companies are in the world operations adventure activities in Nepal, this is not very uncommon questions for us. We would appreciate that if you ask us this question.

Ambition Himalaya Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. is small adventure company based in Nepal. We are specialized for trekking, expeditions and sightseeing tours in Nepal even we operate lots of other extra adventure activities in Nepal. We are basically specialized in Himalayan region including Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan. We have more than 10 years of experience so we are matured in field of adventure tourism. Since, we have learned a lot from our previous clients; from their comments and feedback now we are in this position. We know what you want and what you are looking for with us; yeah that’s why we are able to design your holiday in perfect way which holiday will give you full pleasure from your trip with us. Just give us an opportunity then we will prove that we are better than any others.

Our company, Ambition Himalaya Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. is known as the valuable company for all our guides, porters, Sherpa, company staffs because we do not know how to exploit our staffs, that lots of other companies used to do (Still there are numbers of companies that exploit their guides and porters). We give them the best value of their work and because of that we have permanent and long lasting guides, porters, Sherpa helpers and company staffs. We have best wage value for our staffs, have insurance policy, we provide them equipment, we take guarantee of their work and we provide them regular facilities on need so that they would go in positive way with our clients and make them happy. We think that our staffs are the backbone of our company because our work is based in the fields. Making you satisfied from your holiday our ultimate wish.

Our loyalty, commitment, best valuable service for your payment brought us in this position but still we have to go higher. We want to be in first position among all our competitors on best service and best value for more and best among all contents. If you travel with us, then in return we can give you a memorable holiday that you will never forget in your life. In the places like Nepal, you can’t buy a good holiday by money, you know why; because we Nepalese are loyal and we believe in service not in money. For that you need to book your adventure with a reliable company like us. We do not book your holiday with us, but we say if you can then book with us if not book with a loyal company like us.

Guarantee of Price:

Once we confirm your booking with us, we guarantee that your prices won’t get changed. By choosing to travel with Ambition Himalaya you are choosing to travel with confidence. Either you book a month advance or a year advance we won’t change the prices once you confirm the trip.

Acclimatization and High Altitude Sickness:

Altitude is defined on the following scale High (8,000 – 12,000 feet [2,438 – 3,658 meters]), Very High (12,000 – 18,000 feet [3,658 – 5,487 meters]), and Extremely High (18,000+ feet [5,500+ meters]). Since few people have been to such altitudes, it is hard to know who may be affected.

Guide, Porters and Staffs Arrangement:

Ambition Himalaya Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. has permanent trekking crews who are already trained and licensed from the government of Nepal. We always provide you permanent and experienced crews for your any trip in Nepal. Our staffs are licensed from the government of Nepal, qualified, experienced and eco trained so that they are perfect for your adventure trips in Nepal. We have permanent local staffs working with us who are the backbone of their particular society.
Our guides / leaders have good capacity to speak English language. They will give you chances to practice some of our local greeting which can add your more pleasure on your adventure travel with us.

Pre-trip meeting in Kathmandu:

We will have a short meeting with you before starting your trip. Normally, we held this meeting before starting your trip with us or most of the time we start this trek on the first evening of your arrival. You will be introduced your trek guide and you can talk with him about your adventure trek, any questions regarding the trip, about his experiences, qualifications or any other things. That means you will have opportunity to talk face to face regarding your trip. He may give you short briefing about your trips.

Meals in Kathmandu and on the Trek:

In Kathmandu your breakfast is included in the program cost. Lunch and dinners or any other meals are not included. We will provide meals on full board [Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner] during the trek. You will be given a simple menu to choose your foods. The menu is offered by the hotels or lodges. You will have options to choose Nepalese, Chinese, Italian or continental foods from the menu. Each day, you will have dinner and breakfast in the same tea house / lodge the lunch can be in different lodges. Regarding the welcome and farewell dinner, we will provide your typical Nepalese restaurant either in Kathmandu or in Pokhara.

Accommodation Facilities:

We always want our clients to have best experiences in Nepal. We will accommodate you in 3 or 4 star hotels in Kathmandu most of the time. However depending on your interest and payment we can accommodation you in non-star hotels too. Please read the pricing on the email that we will send you after your inquiry. Regarding the accommodation on the treks, you will get accommodation in cozy tea houses / lodges. We give priority for hygiene, standards of the services, location etc. During the trek, your guide will take you in nice lodges where you might have chances to experience typical Nepalese style and you will be offered hygienic foods. Our accommodations are based in twin sharing facility and if there are difficulties in twin sharing we will provide you extra room without any supplementary charges. But we recommend you to tell us if you have any accommodation preferences before booking the trip. Trekking is done generally in the remote parts of Nepal with very basic facilities. Sometimes, due to large volumes of people in a particular place and the lack of lodges / rooms you might need to share with other people too. Sharing rooms with other people do not happen all the time, but it should be understood before departing for the treks.

Toilet and Bathroom Facilities:

In Kathmandu you will have private toilets and bathrooms but regarding the trek in the remote area, you will have common toilets. If there is availability of private toilets, then your guide will give your rooms with private toilets and bathrooms.

Experience and Fitness for the Trek:

Generally, a healthy person who has strong desire of adventure can do adventure travel with us. We suggest you to be well prepared physically and mentally to cooperate with us. We recommend you to say us any kind of previous and current health problems that you have faced or facing on the time of booking your trip with us. That will make us to take decision on your adventure that you are fit enough to experience adventure or not. On something wrong, and if you need medical treatment and rescue then it’s your responsibility to pay the expenses and Ambition Himalaya Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. or any staffs of our company will not be responsible for that. We also recommend you to consult with your doctor before starting your travel. We reserve the rights to check your medical checkup certificates if required. Trekking is done on high altitude area. Because of that we suggest you to talk with your guide for any kind of new difficulties or health problem you face. Your guide is trained so he might give your required suggestions or medicines for the betterment of your health.

Our leaders, guides, Sherpa and helpers: We work with permanent trekking crews. Our leaders and guides are compulsorily trained and licensed from the government of Nepal. We always provide you permanent and experienced crews for your any trip in Nepal. We promise that we will always send perfect staffs for your adventure trips in Nepal. We have permanent local staffs working with us who are the backbone of their particular society. Our guides / leaders have good capacity to speak English language. They will give you chances to practice some of our local greeting which can add your more pleasure on your adventure travel with us. Our guides and porters are experienced in the routes, practices local cultures and have great respect of local community. We would also like to tell you that as our guides and helpers will provide you high respect as if you also reply them the same kind of respect it would be great on your trip.

Rescue and Medical Insurances:

It’s very common to travel with travel insurance now days. However, we recommend all out guests to have a good travel insurance policy with air rescue and treatment coverage. It’s not required but it is highly recommended for your safely and security. We suggest you to take care of your insurance policy that it fully covers the above mentioned parts or not even there might be some exceptions for adventure travelers. When you travel with Ambition Himalaya Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. you need to show proof of your insurance policy on request by Ambition Himalaya Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. If you do not have any insurance policy then you can buy one online after you come to Nepal too. You can view some good insurance companies in our rescue and insurance page.


We will accommodate you at Tourist standard category hotel ( 2-3 Star) in Kathmandu and Pokhara. These rooms will be clean with private bathroom inside Fully Air Conditioned room. Kathmandu and Pokhara has western standard hotels available for accommodation. These rooms will be air conditioned. There will be twin / double room shared among two customers (Unless you are single). Sometimes we may accommodate you in triple rooms based on number of customers. If you have any special preferences regarding the bed selection then please let us know.Ambition Himalaya treks is also glad to provide higher standard or budget hotels based on your interests. We understand that not all customers need similar standard accommodation. If you have any lodge name planned for your trip then you can tell us, we will try to accommodate you at your preferred place.

We provide twin sharing rooms during trek of any region and this places are lodges and guest houses available.