Nepal Trekking
Nepal Trekking

Nepal Trekking

Nepal being the home of mountains is a paradise for trekkers all around the world. Home to 8 out of 14 highest mountains in the world, Nepal Trekking offers a glance at amazing beauty through the eyes of the Himalayas. The trek to the Base Camp of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest is the dream journey for most adventure lovers. Engulfed in biodiversity, there are lots of options for people who like to trek.

From the popular short treks that can be achieved in a week like Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, and Mardi Himal Base Camp trek to the trek that lasts for longer than 10 days like Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek, Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek can be done in Nepal. The trekking trails offer the glamorous beauty of sunrise and sunset, clear skies, and clear views that are too beautiful to not be seen. The mountain trails for trekking are too popular and regular that food and accommodations will not be a problem in the trek.

The biodiversity in the trekking routes can be noticed significantly. Every trekking route has a different local and ethnic culture residing.

If you are not in the mountains, then you can do hiking in the hills that are below 4000m. In Nepal, peaks below 4000m are called hills. Whether you are in the city or the hills, you can always trek and hike wherever you fancy. If you are in Kathmandu you can hike up to Nagarjuna Dandna, ShivaPuri Danda, and many other hills to climb up in a day. Also, if you are in Pokhara then you can visit the Naudanda Sarangkot or Santi Gumba.

A lot of options are available, whether you want a short trek of a week, or mediocre trek of about 15 – 20 days, or a long trek for a month. We can find any genre of trek from challenging and difficult to moderate and easy treks in Nepal.

Nepal Trekking Packages

11 Days / From: $ 650

Khopra Ridge Trek – 11 days

18 Days / From: $ 1050

Annapurna Circuit Trek – 18 days

11 Days / From: $ 650

Langtang Valley Trek – 11 Days

12 Days / From: $ 800

Manaslu Trek – 12 days

12 days / From: $ 1,090

Everest Base Camp Trek -12 days

14 Days / From: $ 1299

Everest Base Camp Trek – 14 days

4 Days / From: $ 210

Panchase Trek – 4 days

16 Days / From: $ 1099

Tsum Valley Trek – 16 days

9 Days / From: $ 450

Tamang Heritage Trek – 9 days

21 Days / From: $ 1,650

Everest High Passes Trek -21 days

17 Days / From: $ 1,470

Everest Base Camp Trek -17 days

9 Days / From: $ 450

Helambu Trek – 9 Days

7 Days / From: $ 850

Everest Panorama Trek – 7 days

9 Days / From: $ 500

Mardi Himal Trek – 9 days

13 Days / From: $ 1,150

Everest Gokyo Lake Trek – 13 Days

16 Days / From: $ 1,090

Manaslu Circuit Trek – 16 Days

5 Days / From: $ 730

Everest View Trek – 5 Days