Everest Base Camp Trek in December
Everest Base Camp Trek in December

Everest Base Camp Trek in December


Everest Base Camp Trek, also known as the EBC trek, is one of the most popular treks that lies in the Everest Region of Nepal. It is home to the highest peak in the world Mt.Everest. It helps to gain more popularity in the region all over the world and gain a reputation as one of the best trekking regions later after being further explored by visitors and trekkers. With enormous beauty of the great Himalayan range and landscapes of high hills beneath the highest peak in the world, marked it as one of the most chosen high-altitude tourist attractions.

The Everest Base Camp Trek offers trekkers and travelers an opportunity to explore the nature and ethnic culture of the region in one frame. It also allows trekkers to challenge their abilities. It consists of proper Himalayan geography, traditional villages, ethnic communities, and farmlands with Himalayan farming style. EBC trek is also diversely filled with flora and fauna and high altitude ecosystem. The journey starts from Lukla, a small modern Himalayan town, and ends at foot of the Mt.Everest taking you to an altitude of 2800m to 5364m of height from sea level. EBC trek can be a huge opportunity for you to witness different perceptions of lifestyle and nature. It is already a sensational place for nature enthusiasts and people who love to travel and trek through high hills.

So, here we are about to talk about Everest Base Camp Trek in December. Although it is a very cold month, it can be very beneficial for you if you come in this month because in the cold of December crowd of trekkers falls drastically. As usual, the EBC trek gets large traffic of people during other seasons mostly in Autumn and Spring. But in December as winter gets in its prime, it decreases in Hugh’s graph down and you can take advantage of the conditions. So, we provide you with separate advantages and some of the disadvantages of the Everest Base Camp Trek in December.

Everest Base Camp Trek in December
On the way to Everest base camp


Less Crowd

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most hiked trails in the world. It gets huge crowds of people from all over the world during Spring and Autumn. And if you love to hike and empty routes then It could be a great con in your journey. But in December because of the weather, the crowd of people decreases exponentially. You will find routes all empty and only some trekkers at some points. So, if you hate to walk through the number crowds of people then December can be your great opportunity to walk on empty paths with very less trekkers.

Less Rainfall

In other seasons the weather in the Himalayas is very unpredictable. It can rain at any time. But in the winter season, the weather becomes more predictable and there will be very little rainfall. So, you should not worry about your trekking journey due to the rain and fog. And because of very little rainfall, the trail also gets easier with dry routes than with monsoon. So, Everest Base Camp Trek in December can be a great chance to avoid rainfalls.


Even though very little rainfall It snows sometimes and it can be a great opportunity to witness the high altitude snowfall. The landscapes are sometimes seen to be covered with snow and the view of those scenery can be your lifetime witnessing experience. The majestic views of high mountains capped with snow can be seen through your trek. No doubt snowfall is also another advantage in Everest Base Camp Trek in December.

Easy Flight

Due to the very less tourists traveling to the Lukla. It is easier to get air flights otherwise it becomes more difficult to find a flight because of a large number of tourists taking flights to Lukla. So, in December you will be free from the stress of not getting proper timing flights as you wish. It is another advantage of Everest Base Camp Trek in December.


You will get better accommodation in December. As the number of tourists and trekkers is very high in other seasons it is hard to get proper lodges. The problems like sharing rooms and not getting proper blankets and pillows in guesthouses arise. The owners of teahouses and guesthouses are also unable to provide you with better care of food and lodges as it is hard to manage due to a huge number of tourists getting packed in single guesthouses. But in December, it is very easy to get better and high-quality lodges. The teahouses and lodges are also able to provide you with better service as per your orders. The owners of guesthouses also offer them at cheaper rates than in peak seasons. So, better accommodation also stands as our great advantage of Everest Base Camp Trek in December.


Extreme Cold

We all know Even in the summer season, sometimes it gets very cold in the Himalayan region. Then you can imagine the scenario in winter and further, if it is the month of December. It gets extreme cold which can go the temperature low up to below -30°. And worse is the frost and the freezing morning. If you are planning to go camping in December it can be very difficult to survive such cold. And if you are a person with a summer soul, then it can be your nightmare journey. More often, the cold breezes hit you every time you pass through the routes with open space. It can be sometimes unbearable for you if you come from a hot weather country and even if you come from a polar country, keep in mind that the cold weather of the Himalayas is different sensational cold than what you experience in polar countries. So, extreme cold is the main advantage of Everest Base Camp Trek in December.


Yes, it is an advantage and disadvantage too. Because of extreme cold, most of the guesthouses and teahouses at higher altitudes remain closed during December. So, it may be difficult to find lodges during December when the winter is at its peak. You may sometimes rely on the camping option instead of lodges which is another challenge in itself at such extreme cold. It becomes more difficult to find one when you climb higher in altitude. So, it can also turn your advantage into a disadvantage in the Everest Base Camp Trek in December.

Extra Weight

You should carry more essentials and accessories during the Everest Base Camp Trek in December. There is no guarantee that you will get lodges to stay in or not as most of them remain closed. So it is necessary to carry extra essentials for cooking and camping. You also should pack extra clothes to keep yourself warm in such extreme cold. It becomes more uncomfortable to be with such many essentials and accessories. You can hire a potter if you feel overweight. But it is still a disadvantage in Everest Base Camp Trek in December.

Some Insights About Everest Base Camp Trek

  • It covers the area of the Sholokhumbu district of Nepal, which falls under the Everest Region, very rich in natural beauty and the unique tradition and culture of the Himalayan ethnic communities. It is a great chance to see different and unique cultures than the rest of the world in practice. You can also try to have local cuisine during your journey to Camp, with the cold of December.
  • The trek starts from a small beautiful town of Lukla and Namche Bazar. During the journey trek, you are about to witness the enormous beauty of rivers, lakes, and glaciers as most of them are seen frozen in December. It can be a very unique experience to witness frozen waterfalls.
  • The Region is full of accommodation facilities like teahouses and guesthouses all across the trail so you can also have teahouses and guesthouses for accommodation over the option of camping.
  • The hospitality and services of the people are amazing in this region as lots of tourists travel there. So, make it your opportunity to explore more about their lifestyles.
  • The treat of Everest Base Camp Trek in December can be the astonishing beauty of the breathtaking Himalayan range, nature walks, remote difficult paths, suspension bridges, different stone stairs, yaks, and donkeys carrying packages to the mountain towns and the villages and the local Himalayan cuisine, culture and traditions.
Everest Base Camp Trek in December
Everest Base Camp Trek in December

Some Tips for You

  • During the Everest Base Camp Trek in December, you are about to encounter extreme weather with an extremely cold temperature, it is very necessary to carry enough clothes and accessories to keep yourself safe from such cold weather. Also, do not try to play and try challenging games with the cold by doing unusual challenges as it may cause you problems and can make you ill on your journey.
  • Always carry extra essentials to keep things like hot water and those materials that support the heating process. It may be harder to get and start a fire in that altitude with such freezing cold.
  • Do not open your outfit that very essential accessories during colds like gloves and clothes without proper precaution. It can make you suffer from frostbite cause further serious medical emergencies and ruin your beautiful journey.
  • Walk very carefully if you are having Everest Base Camp Trek in winter as we already talked about the snowfall in winter. So, the routes are found to be filled with snow and it is usual to find ice layers above stones and paths which may be very slippery. Therefore stay very careful and be very cautious when you are at the route covering a high height. You can eventually slip down to the sloppy route and can cause accidents if not being careful.
  • It is recommended to carry extra gear and equipment like an ice axe, ropes, and fire items when you are on a trail of proper Himalayan geography like the Everest Region, even if it makes your backpack gain extra weight. It can be very useful sometimes. Do not forget to carry first aid and basic medical supportive materials. It is very essential in every trek.


What is the duration of the EBC trek?

It takes you a hike 12 days covering 80 miles of distance or 130 km taking you to an altitude of 2800m to 5364m of elevation.

Is it suitable for beginners to do the Everest Base Camp Trek in December?

It is considered as moderate trek so yes it is suitable for beginners.

Can I pre-book lodges in teahouses and guesthouses?

Only a few of them have services for pre-booking. It may be not a good idea to pre-book in the trek because it is not that easy and predictable to reach booked the house or guesthouses as of your scheduled booking.

What permits do I need to enter this trekking trail?

You need permits from two boards. One from TIMS(Trekking Information Management System) and another from Sagarmatha National Park Board.

Do I need Potter?

Yes. We recommend you take potter with you if you are having Everest Base Camp Trek in December as your essentials and accessories increase and it is hard to handle by yourself.

Can I do solo trekking?

No. As of 2023, the government of Nepal banned solo trekking.


Here, we provide you with some insight into the advantages and disadvantages of Everest Base Camp Trek in December. And the next thing is you will never know the actual experience of doing so without giving yourself a chance to try. It is very hard to explain the features in words. So, it is your turn to experience by yourself. We only provided you with information about the features, advantages, and disadvantages of Everest Base Camp Trek in December. So, it is now your turn to find out what it is actually all about. Give yourself a try. Enjoy!