Everest Base Camp Trek in October a complete guide
Everest Base Camp Trek in October a complete guide

Everest Base Camp Trek in October a complete guide

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of those treks, that takes you to the home geography of the highest peak in the World Mt.Everest. Also known by its short name EBC Trek, It is located over the unique and diverse geography of the Everest Region of Nepal.

As a home to the highest peaks It gained the attention of travel enthusiasts and tourists from all over the world but after further visitors and trekkers explored the region, It became one of the most visited regions attracting a huge number of tourists and adventure seekers.

It consists of the astonishing beauty of the great Himalayan landscapes and mountains holding the highest altitude. It is also known as a high altitude tourist attraction, as it offers you several adventures, climbing, and trekking which cover high altitudes.

Yellow colored tents and Prayer flags at Everest Base Camp trek in October
Yellow-colored tents and Prayer flags at Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Trek allows trekkers to explore the nature of the Himalayas and the ethnic culture of the different local communities of the region. It also provides trekkers an opportunity to challenge and to have a look at their abilities with various trekking, climbing, and hiking options.

The trekking routes consisting of Himalayan geography, traditional villages, ethnic communities, and farmlands with traditional farming styles make it a diverse trekking region. It is diversely filled with unique flora and fauna and high altitude Himalayan ecosystem. It also provides trekkers an opportunity to experience a little quarter of a climbing expedition.

The journey of Everest Base Camp Trek begins from the small Himalayan town of Lukla and ends at the foot of Mt.Everest covering an altitude of 2800m to 5364m of elevation from sea level. This trek gives you a huge opportunity to witness and explore different perceptions of nature and lifestyle. The region is also home to the ecosystem and the wildlife of the cold region.

Here, We are about to provide you with some insights about the Everest Base Camp Trek in October. In October, winter is about to start and it is considered one of the very beneficial times to explore the Everest Region and its diversity.

At, the beginning of winter the crowd starts to decrease because of the usual increase in the cold. And another good thing is you should not tackle the cold like in December and January to avoid the crowds. So, let’s talk about some advantages and benefits as well as some factors during the Everest Base Camp Trek in October.

Some advantages of Everest Base Camp trek in October

View from Mt Everest Base camp
View from Mt Everest Base camp

Suitable Weather

In October, you will have very suitable weather and a stable climate. You will find warm sunlight during the day and a mild cold at night. Because of the clear weather and clear sky, you can have a chance to witness different stars, constellations, and galaxies over the highest peaks in the world. It is going to be your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The trek is also more scenic than any other month of the year. This is one of the great advantages of Everest Base Camp Trek in October.


This month the biggest festival of Nepal Dashain and Tihar falls, which is celebrated 15 days and 5 days respectively. You can guess how big this festival is for Nepalese people. You can have an opportunity to enjoy the festival and explore more about the culture of Nepal people.

To enjoy and explore more about the festival you can stay in homestays which you can find plenty number of on the trail of EBC Trek. It is also a great time to interact with local communities as they make themselves freer than usual to celebrate the joy and the culture of a great festival. So, this is also an advantage during Everest Base Camp Trek in October.

Colorful Landscape

Another, of the adventures of Everest Base Camp Trek in October is its colorful landscape, Autumn is in its way which makes different plants gain its warm hue of leaves. It makes the landscapes colorful with the backdrop of snowcapped mountains and the blue sky. You can imagine how scenic it can be. It is also one of the best things attracting visitors during October.

Clear Sky

During October, you will find the Everest Region under the clear sky and with great visibility, which allows you to see the view of distant scenery too. You can witness different highest peaks from different viewpoints. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy the distance views with peaks over the colorful landscapes. It is also another advantage of Everest Base Camp Trek in October.

Photographic Trek

As it is obvious to get the most photographic scenic trek with such clear skies and the colorful background of great hilly landscapes beneath the great mountains. It is also good to walk through the beauty of Himalayan nature.

Trekkers and visitors also enjoy the great view of clouds and clear rivers as rainfall is very rare during this season. So, don’t forget to grab your camera during your Everest Base Camp Trek in October.

Interacting with people from around the world

Everest Base Camp Trek is undoubtedly one of the most diversely visited places by people from all around the world. It gets a little bigger crowd than in the offseason but some trekkers also take this advantage to interact with the people from different countries walking through the Himalayan geography. It can be a chance to interact with different people from all around the world and share their culture and lifestyle.

So, you can also use this as an opportunity during Everest Base Camp Trek in October.

Everest Base Camp
Everest Base Camp

Some disadvantages of Everest Base Camp trek in October

Crowd Trails

If you do not like the crowed paths and routes during your trekking experience then it can be your bad experience. In October, Everest Region gets its peak beauty which also attracts a lot of people from different parts of the world. It makes the trail and routes of the trek more crowded and busier than usual. Sometimes it also gets hard to find spots to get some rest. So, it can be your disadvantage during Everest Base Camp Trek in October.

Problems in Accommodation

Even though Everest Trek is filled with a huge number of teahouses and guesthouses it is hard to find and manage a place to stay in those accommodation options. The huge crowd made them all packed for the whole month and the month after October. You also can face a little poor service from the guesthouses during this month due to the packed rooms and with few numbers of staff, the guesthouses also face problems to provide you with proper services.

It also becomes hard to get proper sleeping essentials as the owners of stays are unable to provide you because of the unexpected arrival of tourists sometimes. Sharing a packed room also arises and it can be bad for you if you care about your privacy more. It is also hard to get spots for camping if you are planning for a camping option during your Everest Base Camp Trek in October.

Flight and Transportations

The easiest way to get to the Everest Region for trekking is getting a flight to Lukla. But unfortunately, only a flight from Kathmandu goes there.

During October a huge number of tourists head towards Lukla. The flights are also very low as compared to the number of people heading towards Everest. It makes it hard to maintain the air tickets for all in a short span. So, it gets really hard to find a flight to the Lukla, on your scheduled plan and date. It can affect your experience as you may have to wait for even days to get a flight to Lukla.

The other option of public transport up to Salleri also gets unusually packed because of large of local people also use it during October as the culture of buying and visiting relatives during the great festival happens. So, it is another disadvantage of Everest Base Camp Trek in October.

Rise in Price

During October, with the arrival of a huge number of tourists makes an opportunity to earn more for the Himalayan people as they have very less opportunities to earn a living in the area. So, you should tackle the rise of pricing in accommodation, food, and other essentials you can find in trekking routes.

You also find the trend of packages from traveling agencies getting arise. Flight tickets have also risen in price than in other seasons. If you are in a group it makes a pretty big spending difference than in other seasons. And if you are a budget traveler then It can be difficult for you to manage. It is a problem to tackle during your Everest Base Camp Trek in October.

Little Insights about Everest Base Camp Trek

  • It lies in the Everest Region, geographically covering the area of the Solukhumbu district of Nepal, which is very rich in natural features and the tradition of ethnic communities from the Himalayas. The region is a great chance to witness unique culture in practice and a taste of local cuisine.
  • The Everest Base Camp Trek begins from the small beautiful town of Lukla and ends at Base Camp beneath the summit trail of Mt.Everest. you can also start your journey after the stay in Namche Bazar, a very unique Himalayan town which is situated at a high altitude. You can see these types of managed tow at such altitudes in the world very rarely. The EBC trek consists of the enormous beauty of rivers, clear lakes, and untouched glaciers. Keep in mind sometimes it gets muddy if a pretty big monsoon happens. Astonishing massive mountain views of the region can be enjoyed throughout the journey.
  • There are enough teahouses and guesthouses for accommodation if you want to have an experience of tasting local cuisine and foods. It is also a good option over the option of camping. It may help you to reduce the burden weight of camping gear and equipment if you find them uncomfortable or unusual to carry during your Everest Base Camp Trek in October.
  • The area is always visited by foreign and local visitors so, you should not worry about the hospitality and services of the people. You can interact with them with no hesitation and can talk and interact with them about their living culture and different lifestyles. Even they are happy to share their traditions with you.
  • Besides the advantages and disadvantages of Everest Base Camp Trek in October, you will experience the warm air of the Himalayas. You will encounter the astonishing beauty of the Himalayan range, breathtaking natural walks, walks over remote paths, suspension bridges, ascending and descending stone stairs, and a unique scene of yaks and donkeys carrying goods and packages from Towns to villages and remote towns of the Himalayan region.

Some Tips

  •  During October it is obvious to have poor services due to the arrival of tourists as mentioned above. So, it is necessary to adjust yourself to limited services from teahouses, homestays, and guesthouses. Therefore we recommend not arguing about or complaining about services as it is also hard to bring goods and packages to remote places like teahouses and guesthouses in Everest trails due to the lack of transport infrastructure even in less crowded seasons. So, the problem increases more while it gets more arrival of people during Everest Base Camp Trek in October.
  • As we talked about above sometimes it gets unusually packed during October as a large number of trekkers come to enjoy the colorful beauty of Everest Landscapes. You will encounter the routes and paths that are all filled with trekkers. So we recommend you not to use your equipment and gears if not necessary as it may harm others and yourself too.
  • We recommend you carry your private camera by yourself rather than rely on a group camera. It is going to be one of the most scenic journeys of your life and we all know everybody wants to keep such memories by themselves. So, carry your own and do not regret it later.
  • Do not use alternative routes without the concern of your guide or the group to avoid the crowds. The Everest Base Camp Trek is diversely filled with enormous Himalayan geography which is sometimes very difficult to figure. So by not taking alternatives you can avoid possible troubles for you.
  • Always carry first aid during your trekking journey and some basic medical support. It applies not only in the EBC trek but in all treks you are about to do. Besides that Everest Base Camp Trek lies in proper Himalayan geography so, It brings lots of aspects that can carry you some risks. So, it is most necessary to carry these essentials with you even if it gains you more weight in your backpack.


•Is October the best time to visit Everest Base Camp Trek?

Most of the trekkers claim it is. So it gets a huge crowd of tourists during October. But it hugely depends upon your interest and what features you want to enjoy during your trek in the Everest Region. Tourist who wants to enjoy scenic Nepal visit during October and nature enthusiasts who want to explore more of nature prefer off-season which falls during mid-winter.

•Which currencies can I use during the Everest Trek?

You can only use Nepalese currencies. You cannot use any other currencies from your native countries. You can exchange them in Kathmandu or Pokhara with international exchange rates.

•What is the difficulty level of Everest Base Camp Trek?

Most consider It as moderate in difficulty. But it can be stannous during the winter. As it gets extremely cold the snowfalls make the routes more difficult to walk and slippery over the high sloppy hills and cliffs. But still adventurous trekkers trek during the winter season.

•What permits do I need to get access inside the Everest Base Camp Trek?

You need two permissions from the relative Boards. One permit from TIMS( Trekking Information Management System) from the Tourism Board of Nepal and one permit from Sagarmatha National Park permit from the relative office.

•Can I have a solo trek inside the Everest Region?

Unfortunately, No. The group of trekkers of at least two members is mandatory. Solo trekking in Nepal has been banned by the Nepal Government from the recent last year 2023, considering the safety of trekkers and some advantages for tourism in Nepal. But you can still hike solo if you are taking a guide or potter with you.

•Is Everest Base Camp Trek suitable for beginners?

Yes. As it does not need any technical climbing skills it can be suitable for beginners. You have to tackle the walk of several hours per day but don’t worry the scenic journey will help you to reduce your walking stress during the Everest Base Camp Trek in October.

•Is it suitable for budget travelers too?

Yes. It is suitable for budget travelers too. If you can maintain your spending during your journey you can save a very much gap than spending than the average spending of trekkers on this trek.


So, we recommend some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Everest Base Camp Trek in October. We also mentioned some features and insights about the Everest Base Camp Trek in October to have a look inside it to make your pick easier.

The Everest Region is diverse with its beauty and the economy of flora and fauna and covers unique high-altitude wildlife in itself. So, make it your once-in-a-lifetime experience exploring them all. But you will never know without trying by yourself or giving a chance to witness to yourself. We only provide you with a little information about what it is about Everest Base Camp Trek. So, do not make yourself late and get yourself out and give it a try. Enjoy!