Tribeni Patan-Badimalika
Tribeni Patan-Badimalika

Tribeni Patan-Badimalika

Tribeni Patan and  Badimalika are two of the newly popular trekking regions in the far western region of Nepal. Tribeni Patan is one of the open green landscapes and pastures in the far west. While Badimalika Temple is a Hindu temple which lies on the top of the Bajura District in Nepal. Both Badimalika Temple and Tribeni Patan lie in the SudhurPaschim region in Nepal. Along with the Karnali region in Nepal, the SudhurPaschim region is one of the most remote regions in Nepal. Due to this region, both Nepalese and people outside Nepal will find Tribeni Patan-Badimalika Temple an exotic and unique trek in Nepal.


Tribeni Patan- Why has it become a famous local spot?




Tribeni-Patan has huge grassy meadows with a mix of small wetlands. They have a lot of wild flora and fauna. Many shepherds around the surrounding region come to graze their sheep and Yaks in this area. They create temporary homes in Madithala and Bhatejuila and go home in winter. The large meadows that show the panoramic view of the surroundings, along with the peaceful grazing of sheep and yak have made Tribeni Patan, a famous local attraction. Also, its beautiful natural environment along with its quality as a photogenic scenic spot has made Tribeni Patan more popular than the others.

Badimalika Temple-History, Local Myth and Culture



Badimalika temple, which lies on the top of Mallagiri Peak, has a height of 4200m. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagawati. They also have some small shrines to many Hindu gods and goddesses. This is one of the few temples where two priests worship at the same time. Many locals believe that the Goddess descended on this temple from Kalikot. So, the temple recruits priests from both Bajura and Kalikot. This temple is also believed to be an area of Sakthi Peeth, from the parts of the shoulders of Lord Shiva’s first wife, Sati Devi. Badimalika Temple has a fair in Janaipurnima  and Ganga Dashara.


Highlights of Tribeni Patan-Badimalika Temple

  • Explore the grassy meadows in Trebeni-Patan
  • Views of Mt Api and Mt Saipal
  • Visit Madithala and Bhatejuila, Shepherd’s temporary home
  • Mallagiri Peak
  • Worship the Badimalika Goddess


Best time to trek in Tribeni Patan-Badimalika Temple



Tribeni Patan and Badimalika Temple are two of the most beautiful and newly popular destinations in Nepal. Untouched by human traces, the best time to trek in this area is spring, summer, and autumn.

While it is possible to trek during the monsoon season, the muddy and slippery roads, leeches, and being far from public amenities, as well as the difficulties of flight and weather, may pose a significant risk to your life. Therefore, a few agencies will trek to this place during the monsoon. Most agencies discourage, if not outright prohibit, trekking during this season.



To travel to Tribeni Patan-Badimalika Temple, you will need a full set of waterproof trekking clothes, a set of warm gloves and socks, and a set of quick-drying clothes. You will also need sets of thermal shirts and raincoats. Also, tents, medicines, sleeping bags, led lamps, trekking poles, and waterproof and dry boots are also necessary.

Please consult your guide for all the necessary medicine needed for this trek.



Although the TAAN (Trekking Agencies Authority of Nepal) has already recognized the trekking trail of Tribeni-Patan and Badimalika, the trail has not been completely developed for local and foreign tourists/trekkers. 

Therefore, make sure that you know most of the information like food, health posts and place to stay etc.

If you like the Tribeni-Badimalika Trail, we can also arrange a long trail for more remote hiking.