Trekking equipment for Nepal tours and trekking
Trekking equipment for Nepal tours and trekking

Trekking equipment for Nepal tours and trekking

Trekkers and travelers require a lot to be prepared before starting the journey. If needs and requirements are fulfilled throughout the adventure journey, traveling is more than the expected fun and luxury.

Only luxury hotels and motels are not part of the trek but everyone is highly preferred for the best backpack that resolves everything of the essentials self needs.

Nepal is accessible for the best trek among many travelers from a different corner of the world. Most of the popular treks routes are now highly accommodated and many tree houses are frequently available throughout the journey. But having your own luxury of trekking equipment for nepal tour gonna get the trek tips and resources to accomplish the journey.

The backpack of food and lodges are not that crucial if you find small treehouses in your journey which also decreases the weight to be carried.

Backpack Diaries

The backpack depends on how you have planned your trip to be. It reduces the stuff if you hire a porter that carries the daypack essentials like camera, water, rain gear. But in this article we highly recommend the best trekking equipment for Nepal tour.

We recommend a modest to medium backpack with a volume capacity up to 2000 cu in (30 liters). The duffle bag which is carried by the porter weighs upto 15kg, carried from one place to another. The high recommendation for the weight of the backpack is not more than 20% of your body weight.

Accordingly, the backpack depends on the trek you are traveling for. Also if the route is short trips or long trips or if it is mountainous, rocky or hill. The trekking trail has sufficient large and small tree houses in the route but sometimes the season is full and may get worse for accommodation. So be prepared for every prerequisite.

Don’t make the things completed only because of the trek’s basic needs that you forget to include in your backpack.

Hiking clothes

Hiking shorts and t-shirt:

If you are trekking in the lower altitude region in warm summer season shorts, t-shirt and also the cotton shirt is the best comfort wear. At lower elevations, shorts might be a good choice. If you may want to pull off your attire to allow your legs to relax, shorts are the greatest option.

Waterproof jacket:

The seasonal changes occur more often at the high altitude so taking a waterproof jacket would be the best lesson for the trip. Jacket protects you from the extremes such as wind, rain, and snow, and it also allows you to layer anything underneath.

Thermal coats and paints:

Long-sleeved vests and synthetic polypropylene long johns are needed for both shirt and pants, since they provide optimum warmth and can be worn throughout the day as well as on a cold night. They are lightweight and also work well as sleeping gear.

Down jacket:

Quality waterproofing down jacket is essential. In every trekking and backpacking, it’s critical to keep weight to a minimum. Down and synthetic jackets are light, packable, and effective in retaining body heat. So , they’ve become among one of a favorite trekking and everyday use items.

Trekking paints:

Hiking paints are necessary to protect you legs and skin from insects that are frequent in the treek trail. Trekking pants are always favourbale for the heavy weather which protect us from wind and water. The most preferred trekking paint as hardshell and softshell paints.

Innerwears: Though if you are travelling for the refreshment or either for the professional theme the very first things comes about the hygiene. So the possibility that would your whole trek takes, include sufficient innerwears and detergent in the form of foam that also be a lightweight. The natural rivers and jharana are frequently seen in the routes, you can also bath and get freshenup to your journey.


The more you travel the more you gain the real experience. Leaving the footprint after successfully reaching the destinations is the best feeling of the journey. So, to reach to top its all about walking trip that may leads to unpabble road, gravel or sometimes a ditch. So wear comfortable trekking shoes or a boat.

Trekking boots

Hiking for hours is much more difficult if you won’t find a good pair of shoes through the journey, so take a trekking boat or any trekking shoes. Examine the shoe’s sole, support, and comfort shoes with a high cutoff for ankle support are highly advised. Sizing up is critical, donot touch the tip of the shoes by your toes as this will make downhilling harder.


Hiking is all about more than a day. So pick up the extra cushioning and flexible shock. Liner shocks or the synthetic shock are highly preferred. As if the location is high hill mountains having cool weather better add the woolen shocks that makes your feet warm inside the shoes.

Always have a pair of good quality, warm socks on hand to keep your feet dry and snug. Carrying an extra pair of socks will come in handy, and you can change them out every day. For improved mobility in snow and hiking in the midst of the winter crampons/microspikes are the alternatives.

Head wear:

At low altitude the temperature rises right after the dawn so to protect yourself from heavy sunlight and pollution make sure to keep hats or any baseball cap.

Sleeping Bags:

Although there are frequent tree houses along the routes,local people share their local meals in their style. If you don’t have sleeping bags or tents don’t worry about the accommodation. Houses may not afford the luxury and the expensive food items but you would get what you pay. Also if you want to have a comfort zone in your own style in another form of adventure in trek take sleeping liner bags in the backpack to your comfort zone.


Hands and feet both must be safe and protected so take warm and flexible woolen gloves that protects you in the morning and night chilling cold. If you are going to the high altitude be sure that you carry the woolen and warm fiber material gloves.

Personal supplies

All the personal supplies that you need for your comfort zone can be listed as
Quick dry towel
Water bottles
Wet wipes
Pocket knife
So including this all to your pocket list are part of trekking safety equipment.


Adding some accessories in the list that we have already included above as hiking essentials. If you have knee problems then you can take hiking poles that provide support to the journey. Also sunglasses, power banks and adapter to charge the gadgets when you are out of reach of electricity. Camera,extra power supplies and headlight are the not forgettable item to add to the list for trekking equipment
Nutritions suppliers:

Dried or freeze dried food and veggies,energy bar chews or gels, nuts, seeds, bars these are the light and dry fast energy suppliers you can also include for trek.


The best part of the trekking is enjoying the journey before reaching the destination. After all, the memories of the journey last long within us till our last breath. So never make your journey suffocate and unrealistic, just enjoy each and every walk. You can include pocket speakers, playing cards and make your journey worth it all.

Optional (opulences)

If you love to write and read nature while traveling, never forget diary, pen and reading materials, also navigational maps and Guide books in addition.

And last but not the least, always bring your personal first aid kits in your bag. Normally the painkiller, moves, paracetamols, diamox and personal medications are what you are used to.

Highlights of the contents:

Backpack is essential to carry the basics needed during travel. Getting to relate the things for every outdoor trekking equipment,and excluding the unnecessary things that add weight and make the whole journey tired and uneasy. Also don’t forget to take the required things and documents like a passport either citizen’s card and most importantly the permit that allows you to visit the place which will be checked at the various points in the trails.

Trekking equipment for the Nepal tour that are mentioned above is fastened and sought tips from Ambition Himalaya. For more enquiry and detail feel free to contact or get us notified at
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