Important Tips to Know Before the Trek to Everest Base Camp
Important Tips to Know Before the Trek to Everest Base Camp

Important Tips to Know Before the Trek to Everest Base Camp

Nepal is Paradise for Travel and Trekking Destination

Nepal is a completely peaceful country holding pristine beautiful nature. The landscapes of the mountains, hills, and slopes of the Terai region hit the diamond value of nature.

The most renewed destination throughout the world is the world’s top mountain i.e Mount Everest. Every people in their lifetime holds on the high rank of mountain trek on the bucket list of their travel destination.

Travelers are the raw sources for the right and best research. If you are planning to travel this vacation to the Everest base camp trek then you are right here.

Limiting the research to the topic can get to the point but not the discussion and decision that you always crave for. Prior discussion of tips to know before the trek to Everest base camp has a lot to cover. Before that let’s get to the gist of the Everest base camp trek which is possible for everyone or not.

Tips to know before the trek to Everest base camp

Best time to trek to Everest Base Camp

Before starting the journey to any destination, the ultimate thing to do is to research the places whether they are beautiful or only a delusion of the artificial words having appeal.

But here exaggeration about Mount Everest is beyond the truth that you will ever achieve satisfaction on the journey.

Moreover, after the destination, certain things have to be researched about the trekking season that will be best to accomplish the desired image.

Everest base camp specially offers its pristine beauty all over the year but the natural climatic season that has an impact on it has to be considered while trekking.

Generally, there are two prominent trekking seasons in the Himalayas; spring-late March to May and autumn-late September to November.  December to February is the low season.

Everest base camp trek for a beginner

Trekking is not as easy as pronouncing itself. Usually, when we go for a  day trek, it’s all about fun and the short trek, but this is gonna be a little step hard. You have to be fully prepared before the trek.

The trek to Everest base camp is stepping closer to the wild which also leads to the marvelous scenery enriching the journey experience.

The people from the Sherpa community are best on their own to excite the trekkers on the trail. The accommodation and their hospitality are the best part of the trek.

The trek is an adventure and an unforgettable journey of life, but you have to get the guts, courage, and dedication. Either one having well fitness and some physical preparation before starting the journey can grab this beautiful decision to the real experience.

How difficult is the Everest base camp trek?

People of different ages from different corners of the world have reached the summit. Normally there is no barrier for any reason that anyone cannot trek to the Himalayas. People with a strong mindset and physical fitness can conquer the journey.

No expertise and mountaineering skills are required. The trail is not harsh but the travel duration is lengthened for an overall trip to be completed within 12-15 days. Altitude is the most challenging aspect that makes the trek difficult on the average length of the same trek.

But, the static report that people reach the summit international tourists shows, how people craze subject to climb the summit of Everest.

Everest base camp trek distance and highlighted itinerary

As always, trekking could not be fastened up so you have to take care of your vacation time. The entire schedule of the trek is 12-15 days. It depends on how you have planned your trip to go to either the company you have hired has the trekking schedule.

You must schedule your trek 2-3 days extra from the whole itinerary that would benefit if you have to extend the itinerary in the meantime. Take an insight into the short highlighted itinerary:

Kathmandu-Lukla-Namche Bazaar-Tengboche-Everest base camp-Kala Patthar-Namche Bazaar-Lukla-Kathmandu

Everest base camp trek cost

Research may vary the cost accordingly to there preliminary of the company you hired for your trek. The cost is also flexible in response to the itinerary and the accommodation you want for your trip.

Usually, the Everest base camp trek cost from USD 1200 – USD 1500 per person on average. Get to know and do the best research in the cost that may have the lowest cost offer with good quality services. Compare the best possibility.

Enlisting tips to know before the trek to Everest base camp trek more:

We are enlisting the main content of our article which will be binding the real experience from the past result. People will be able to meet the expectation by the end of this article.

Not everyone dares to trek the world’s top mountain without researching and listening to the existence of the mountaineers.

And we are here to feel the gaps between the two trekkers who already reached Everest base camp and the one who is eagerly waiting for the decision to get into action.

Set yourself physically and mentally

A healthy body and healthy mind can only get the best result from any action. So before traveling to any destination be fully prepared about the place you’re going and what geographical region is it located in. People usually return from mid of the trek because they are unaware of the difficulty of the trek.

Do body cardio exercise along with cardiovascular exercise from the month back to the trek. Stretching exercise and yoga prevent cramps and exercise agility.

Do not drink and smoke while you are traveling and trekking in the field.

Drink plenty of water and use the hot water spout during the trek.

Take a nutritious diet.

There are very significant concerns when climbing at high heights in remote regions. Altitude sickness is prevalent, and evacuation may be essential in an emergency.

If you are physically healthy then the automation of the healthy mind is. Mentally preparing yourself makes you stay calm and focused on trekking.

Stay hydrated physically

The trail to the Himalayas is often difficult and makes the destination uneasy. The most important thing to remember is that you have to be concerned about the nutrients and dehydration of the body. The region is high desert and rough in the mountains so make yourself most hydrated.

Gears and equipment for backpack

The backpack session of the trek is the most essential thing to remember while going for the trek. People often take unnecessary things that make the backpack heavy.

Taking the right things at the right trek makes the journey blissful. The most required things that have to be concluded in the Everest base camp can be listed as


Heavy duffle bags

Luggage locks


Wicking clothes like a shirt, boxers, and the lightweight weight t-shirt

Synthetic or woolen T-shirt

Fleeces paint

Linear gloves

Therma coat and paint

Down jacket



Trekking poles

First aid kits with required medications

Carrying the personal first aid kit, usually, the pain killer, body spray, sunscreen, and other daily used medicine is necessary. The required medications and the healthy tips are to acknowledge before the start of the journey to get started.

Travel visa and permits

Traveling to a protected and preserved area always requires a permit and a travel visa is an essential document. The required permit depends upon the routes you are planning to trek Everest base camp trek usually requires two permits:

Sagarmatha National Park permit

Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality entrance permit

Insurance for the whole trip

There are very significant concerns when climbing at high heights in remote regions. Life is unpredictable. We never know when things go wrong and suddenly happen.

The adventure can turn into a disaster if things go wrong. To stay away from this unpredictable moment be sure you get your full life insurance just in case.

Mountainous areas often do not provide coverage above a certain altitude. As a result, you should look for insurance companies that offer a policy that includes your insurance during the Everest Base Camp Trek, which reaches a maximum altitude of 5,545 meters.

While emergency services are available, they are prohibitively expensive, which is another reason to purchase comprehensive insurance for this trip.

Network connection

Every sightseeing journey is captured by the eyes but for the memories and the things to show for reference cameras and pictures are necessary. Updating yourself during the trek increases the engagement of people through social media.

There is a 3G network connection to the Everest base camp by the Nepal telecommunication services. Free wifi is rare in the Everest region than in the Annapurna base camp. The rest stations like Namche and Lukla have internet services but with high service charges.

The mobile internet is fast enough for connectivity. The network service is not strong throughout the trial. Enjoy the journey to the fullest besides the network and connectivity.

Local travel company

Researching about the travel company that has good reviews and rewards for quality service. The trail is usually well-marked or immediately evident.

In many cases, there is just one path to take. There are usually other hikers on the trail as well. However, there are several advantages to hiring a local guide.

To begin with, it’s a terrific approach to help the local economy. Trekking companies and others you encounter once on the ground can both provide guides.

The top guides are frequently booked months in advance, so do your research and hire a tour if you want the best of the best.

Facts about the Everest base camp trek

Everyone has once wishlist to climb Mount Everest once in their lifetime. But if that is going to happen then there is at least an option to Everest base camp which is the best alternative for the trek.

The main thing is that having the guts to trek is the first step to giving the route to your destination. So climb high to the top with beautiful glimpses of the journey.