Panchase Hill Trek
Panchase Hill Trek

Panchase Hill Trek


Panchase Hill Trek is  one of the famous hill trek of Annapurna region. Panchase hill is the name of the five hills surrounding the districts of Syangja, Parbat and Kaski. Panchase Hills and its surroundings are home to approx 70,000 people. They mostly include villages like  Kalabang, Chitre, Bhadaure, Deurali, Talibarang, Arthare and Sidhane villages.

Many ethnicities like Gurungs, Magars, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Pariyars, Nepalis and Newars have their home in Pokhara.

The Panchase Hill ranges from 800 to 2,500 meters above sea level. 


Why is Panchase Hill famous?

Panchase hill is famous for many reasons. Firstly, you can see the view of snowcapped mountains like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Gangapurna, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Fishtail etc.

Secondly, it has a large amount of flora and fauna. Panchase hill is also the origin of famous rivers and lakes in Pokhara namely: Phewa Lake, River Harpan, River Aadhi, River Rapti, and River Jarey. 

It is also famous for its peace and yoga treks and also for its suitability as an extension to any of our tours of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan.


Panchase Hill Trek overview

Max Altitude: 2500 meters

Difficulty: Moderate

Transport: Private Vehicle & Local bus

Accommodation: Private Accommodation Tea Houses, Homestay

Meals: All Included


Famous Flora and Fauna found in Panchase Hill

The Panchase Hill is the home of more than 250 bird species, 600 plant species, 118 orchid species and more than a dozen species of herbs.

The Panchase Hill is the home of famous medicinal herbs like Satuwa, Chattre Unyu, Titte, Kurilo, Naagbeli, Paanch Aaule, Loth Salla etc.

Famous flowers like Rhododendron, Sunkhari, and Leksallo are also produced by Panchase Hill.

Animals like leopards, black bears etc are found in Panchase.

It also has plants like Loktha, Khashru, Champ, and Phalat which are the main ingredient for manufacturing Nepali Paper.

It is also home to a large number of butterflies, insects and other animals. 


Special Festival/Temples/Religion related to Panchase Hill


The five hills in Panchase hold a huge religious significance. The five hills are the home of The Temple of Shidda Baba, Homekunda, Panchasse Lake, and Balaji Phachyan Temple. It also includes Buddha Stupa which is more than 200 years old. Locals believed that many religious saints and sages have meditated in this place many centuries ago.


Panchase Hill Trek also Let you celebrates major festivals like Balachuturdashi Festival and Buddha Purnima. There are also many other religious spots like Shrawan Kumar’s Samadhi and more.


Accommodation and food in Panchase Hill

In Panchase Hill Trek, you can find many homestay services in Kalabang and Pumdi villages. Other lodges are also opening in many places of Panchase Hill.

The restaurants in Panchase serve rice, potatoes, noodles, eggs, momo, chapati etc and tea, and coffee for table drinks.

The local homestays mostly serve Dal/Bhat (a Nepalese set meal that comes with boiled rice, lentil soup, fried/cooked vegetables and pickle). You can also find soft drinks, beer, distillery drinks and local wines.


Best Time to Panchase Hill Trek

The best time to trek Panchase Hill Trek is all year round. However, it is not suitable to trek in Panchase Hill during monsoon because it is one of the largest rain-receiving places in Nepal. 

You can also come to Panchase in the winter to play in the snow.