Manaslu Circuit Trek Guidelines
Manaslu Circuit Trek Guidelines

Manaslu Circuit Trek Guidelines


How to go to the Manaslu circuit trek? Guidelines and details for the trek


“The region above the high mountains automates the breathe refill after the completion of the journey”


Have you ever thought of doing adventure things in life that you would like to remember your whole life? This is the related post that has the collections of many do and not things to offer you during the trek. The whole journey of the trek might not have beautiful memories but once you get to the Manaslu circuit trek the view is worth all the fatigue. 


Manaslu circuit trek is reasoned as the best off-beaten trek having the powerful strength to welcome visitors and pour the beauties of its nature.  Here we will be discussing the adventure activities and the guidelines for the Manaslu circuit trek so stay tuned to the end of this post.


The best decision is what you always enjoy and experience the best. So, over the trekking regions of the Annapurna circuit trek, Annapurna base camp and the upper region of the mountains Manaslu circuit is a priority option having less crowd and an unobstructed path. In this article, we will discuss the Manaslu Circuit Trek Guidelines that have richness in details and information. 


The geographical region is subtropical hills and mid-dry mountains which vary in the range of 1000 meters and 2000 meters. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most outstanding courses to investigate Nepal’s mixture of the rich legacy and regular appeal.


Traveling in the midst of slopes and mountains is certainly going to alleviate your whole self. Here are some required tips for the trek. 


Details of Manaslu Circuit Trek


Here we will discuss the itinerary of the Manaslu circuit trek from arrival to departure, with the trekking details and days to be included throughout the trail.


Day Destination Periods 
1 Kathmandu (Arrival)   —-
2 Kathmandu Tour   —-
3 Kathmandu-Arughat-Machha Khola 8/9 hr
4 Machha Khola-Tatopani-Jagat 6/7 hr
5 Jagat-Philim-Deng 7/8 hr 
6 Deng-Prok-Namrung 5/6 hr
7 Namrung-Lho Gham 4/5 hr
8 Lho Gham-samagaun 4/5 hr
9 Acclimatization-Day Hiking around   –
10 Samagaun- Samdo village 3/4 hr
11 Samdo village-Dharamsala 3/4 hr
12 Dharamsala-LarkePass-Bhimtang 8/9 hr
13 Bhimtang-Tilje 8/9 hr
14 Tilje-Dharapani-Chyamche 6/7 hr
15 Chyamche-Besisahar-Kathmandu 8/9 hr
16 Kathmandu(Departure)   —-


The Essentials about the Manaslu Circuit Trek 


“The trek has lots to give on the way.”


When we plan an outing or for a refreshing break we first decide where to spend the time with the luxury other than the busy life. Then comes the things to take with you so that the trip can be fruitful for both sightseeing and refreshment.


The backpack list for trek varies according to the season. Try not to forget the basic essential things to be included. 

A pair of cotton as well woolen shocks


Trekking poles ‘

Sleeping bags

Medical kits

Sun block creams

Lightweight weight t-shirt and cotton paints/ half pants

Pocket knife

Navigational map and Tracer 

Power banks

Heavy duffle bag


Manaslu Restricted Area Permits


The restricted and conservation area always needs permission to enter for any purpose. Here we will discuss the required permits and the cost of the permit. 


To regulate tourism in the Manaslu region (between Jagat and dharani) the area has been restricted by the Nepal government. Also, independent trekkers are not allowed in Manaslu and need special entry permission.


Manasalu Restricted Area Permit

Manaslu restricted area permit differs as

September- November: USD 100 for seven days and another USD 15 for each additional day if you spend there. 

December- October: USD 75 for seven days and USD 10 for each additional day.


Annapurna Conservation Area Permit

Annapurna Conservation Area Permit costs Rs 1000 (USD 10) for SAARC countries and Rs 3000 (USD 30) for other nationals.


Manaslu Conservation Area Project

Manaslu Conservation Area Project cost Rs 1000 (USD 10) for SAARC countries and Rs 3000 (USD 30) for other nationals. 


Accommodations on the Manaslu Circuit Trek


The trekking trail to Manaslu circuit trek consists of a number of teahouses and lodges with full accommodation. It’s all on you if you want to stay in a lodge or the tea houses. Also, you can make yourself a tent and stay. 


They are agreeable to the extent that you have a spot to rest and that you can appreciate home-prepared feasts, tea houses are controlled by neighborhood families who have opened their homes to travelers cruising by. On the Manaslu Circuit, you can track down a lot of teahouses.

These can be a piece more modest and more fundamental than on the Annapurna Circuit, as they are more diligently supplied.


Tips for Manaslu circuit trek Guidelines


The real experience has the real stories behind the success. So get the real sources for the information About the place

How to be there

What to take with yourself

Research the recent climate and geography

Carry your snacks and dry nutrition with yourself 

Always have a balanced diet 

Carry Nepali currency 

Do Not disturb the nature and wildlife on the trail

Respect the traditions and culture 

Navigation and maps of the route


Altitude Guidelines 


The Manaslu circuit trek is moderate to trek depending on the height and elevation. We probably walk 9 hours for a maximum period and 3 hours for a minimum period. 


The trouble relies upon many variables, including the quantity of journeying days, greatest rise, traveling season, climatic zones, and landscape. It is one of the more genuinely requesting journeying trails in Nepal that expect you to be in great shape.


The journey involves navigating six unique climatic zones from sub-tropical to tundra, acquiring a steady height from 715 meters to 5218 meters. Strolling immediately and inexplicably covering 177 kilometers makes this trip somewhat more enthusiastic than numerous others.


If you are physically fit and mentally prepared a day ago then this will be the best experience memories of a lifetime. 


Best Time to Trek to Manaslu 


Travelling and trekking are all about your vacation and plan. Although the whole year, people travel to different destinations always with good and fair guidelines. A good day and the best view is often a call for the traveler by the hills and mountains of Nepal. 



The Autumn season falls from September to November.

The best season to trek the mountain region is spring which falls from March to May.


Spring is the most preferred season because the climate is clean and every detail of nature is viewed very closely. The panorama view of the trek melts your heart. Seeing the gradual growth of sunlight passing behind the Himalayas, plating with the golden plate is just what you want for an instant refill of the fatigue.   


Winter is very cold and dry in the mountains and people may find it difficult to trek. Due to extreme cold, there may be difficulty in breathing and adjusting to the cold weather. 


Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty


Choosing the Manaslu circuit trek by an aspirant trekker is the best decision to explore the hills and Himalayas of Nepal. However, physical fitness and mental preparation are the most to be prepared. Also, the Manaslu circuit trek is a challenging off-beat trekking trail. 


Traveling the plain road to the rough road all the journey is about walking and trekking. We would be able to explore the traditions of the local village and the culture with its beauty. 


The altitude lies from the lowest point of 228m to 8,163m of the world’s highest Mt.Manaslu. The uneven terrain and rocky trail need strength and power to pass trail.


Season changes also affect the trekking path. Winter is very cold and extreme freezing points may lead to breathing problems. So pack your bag from woolen shorts for warm trekking days to jackets and thermal coats for cold and below freezing degrees at night.


Due to variation in altitude, you may not be able to adapt to the climatic changes for which you also drink plenty of water and carry the diet nutritions. For this, all first do exercise and make practice before joining the trail for physical fitness and be mentally strong to adopt the challenging factors which may arise during the trek.



Trekking Insurance


Traveling insurance is mostly for every traveler. Travel protection is a must when you travel to another country for voyaging; it ought to cover adequate clinical offices, catastrophic events, and torrential slides. Thus, it is an indivisible thing while starting an outing. 


The trekking trail of Nepal is geographically landscapes and rough in the Himalayans and hill region. Some of the time, explorers get into some sort of serious clinical issue that requires helicopter departure. In the event that you don’t have travel protection for Nepal.


Not just that, it can likewise wind up your bank balance costing your wellbeing. Consequently, you need to purchase a unique travel protection plan that involves clinical protection, trip protection, and helicopter clearing.


If serious health issues happen above 5000feet up then you won’t be able to come back to take the treatment. So, get trekking insurance to cover the sudden accident and the health issues while trekking in the mountain and la landscape region, and be sure that your travel insurance policy covers the medical evacuation including helicopter rescue. 


Booking a Guide for the Manaslu Circuit 


The way is always possible and successful if you wish to travel through your guts. But not every region and path is that good to walk alone for the trek. Nowadays, there is a trend of people to go for a solo ride but accordingly, the geographical structure and navigation of the route have to be discussed and guided for a better experience.


Manaslu circuit trek solo is not permitted although, you can enjoy the solo trek in other regions of Nepal. We highly recommend preparing yourself for the trek about a week ago so it would be easy to adapt to the environment. Physically and mentally strengthening is highly preferred. 


Ambition Himalaya provides the quality and the best services with our experienced guides and services to the best. Good accommodation and the best trekking services are the combo pack. 


If you find this Manaslu Circuit trek guidelines profitable, you can also join the best trekking destination that has many more to offer to add beauty to your life.


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