5 Best Short Treks in Nepal to Visit
5 Best Short Treks in Nepal to Visit

5 Best Short Treks in Nepal to Visit

Best Short Treks in Nepal


Introducing the hiking and trekking destination to explore Nepal tourism.


Nepal offers the most beautiful adventure trekking and hiking sports. People come to visit Nepal from large other different places which are mostly facilitated than Nepal in every sector.


They enjoy the natural beauties and spread the fragrance of typical Nepali culture and traditions to the world. The golden ages of Nepal are still dug into the root of people, which is one of the best things that we can say proudly. 


Trekking and hiking are the act of moving to the adventure trips that add valuable memories to your long life and make your trips the best of the journey. And the report of tourism travelers in Nepal is high for this adventure trip.


Including the best short treks in Nepal in this article, we are taking you to renowned places and trekking sites that won’t let you down with your expectation. 


Wonder if short for trekking and easy trek in Nepal has a beautiful impact on every traveler in Nepal or is it just a myth? Let me take you to the never obsession rule of the journey. 


If one can get satisfied, then the achievement of that review is more than a golden plate, which has a valuable price. So we are also making the motto and slogan of “Atithi Devo bhava” that was taught by our ancestors in order to pay respect to our guests.



Listing the short treks in Nepal that are sure to impress you


Ghandruk trek: Asile of Himalayas 



Ghandruk trek_ Asile of Himalayas
Ghandruk trek_ Asile of Himalayas

There are thousands of walking trails throughout Nepal, not just in the Himalayas. This implies that magnificent journeys are waiting for you to discover at low altitudes, and they might take anything from a few days to several months.


Ghandruk is the present renowned place in these present trial days. Almost everyone who has a priority list of Pokhara for their travel destination never misses a chance of facing the Himalayas just in front of their eyes.


Sitting on the lap of hills and seeing the early morning golden plate Himalayas early morning is just majestic. 

The local people and the local sites are best to extend the resources to the least. If you have a short period and want to experience the sweet adventure, visit Ghandruk trek, which is a 1-hour drive from Pokhara. 


There is no doubt that the bustling heritage village of Ghandruk, with its predominantly prosperous Gurung population, is a major attraction for a hike. Also, the Short trek to Ghorepani poon hill and Annapurna short trek is a suitable Nepal trek. You can add the short for a trek to the bucket list.


Kalinchowk Temple Trek: Famous for snowing activities 



Kalinchowk Temple Trek_ Famous for snowing activitie
Kalinchowk Temple Trek_ Famous for snowing activitie

Kalinchowk temple is the holiest place for the Hindu religions. People also enjoy the environment as it is highlighted for the snowfall. 


Although this place is crowded in August and September for the spiritual belief, that god helps their devotees for their prayers, the place is famous for snowfall too. During the season of winter, people far from the city come to visit and enjoy the places only for snow.


Because it is located at the top of the hill, it provides a spectacular view of Mt. Gaurishanker. It is a must-see religious site in Nepal, offering both peaceful religious sentiments and a gorgeous mountain landscape. We strongly advise you to visit this magnificent temple at least once in your lifetime.


Also, it is one of the easy treks that anyone can go for. People of different ages can visit the place to explore and enjoy the religious site playing in the snow. You can also join the short Kathmandu tour that has varieties of cultures to explore.


Khopra danda: Khopra ridge trek


Khopra danda: Khopra ridge trek
Khopra danda: Khopra ridge trek

Khopra danda trek is the best suitable trek and also the off-beat trek that has a lot to offer. It also offers the best view with a great choice of exploration. The path is locally preserved and the vegetation of the path is pleasant and enchanting, placed alternately to the Annapurna base camp and Muktinath trek


The trekking trail leads us through the lovely Ghandruk hamlet, which is home to Magar, Gurung, Kami, Damai, and Brahmins, as well as their terraced crops. After Tadapani, there are extensive forests with pines, oaks, rhododendrons, bamboos, and luxuriant vegetation.


Having good company and luxury accommodation on the trip is the best part of the trek. Also, you can excite the trek by doing the night camp high above the khopra danda. The unobstructed and undisturbed route is the best for all the seasons of the trek.    



Mardi Himal Trek



Mardi Himal Trek
Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal trek is the gracious trek along the Annapurna base camp trek that has the beautiful landscape of the Himalaya trek on the off-beat path. For people who love to escape the crowd and enjoy the solo trip or no rush trek, then this Mardi Himal trek is most suitable.


This is also the lesser-known trek to the Annapurna trek. Expect genuine teahouses, beautiful rhododendron forests, and spectacular Annapurna Mountain Range vistas, with stunning views.


Mardi Himal Journey is a tea house trek, with numerous rest stops along the way. This journey is also suitable for everyone because there is little vertical climbing.


The path is rather simple and does not involve any difficult climbing. This trek requires roughly 5–6 hours of walking per day. Climbing long climbs is also difficult for beginners. Rest stops along the way, however, make the travel more enjoyable.


Nepal treks offer the best short treks you will never regret traveling the off-beaten and most visited and crowded trek spots. Also, this is the best trek in Nepal for beginners.



Langtang Valley Trek



Langtang Valley Trek
Langtang Valley Trek

One of the shortest hiking treks that you would love to trek is the Langtang valley trek. One can complete this trek independently, as part of the Tamang Heritage trek, or as an acclimatization hike before tackling a longer and more difficult trek such as the Annapurna Circuit.


We can complete the trek as a standalone adventure, ‌with the Tamang Heritage trek, or as an acclimatization trek before attempting one of the longer and more difficult routes like Everest Base Camp or the Annapurna Circuit.


The Langtang valley trek had become the most viewed and favorite trek for its purifying beauty. This walk is ideal for people who wish to go off the beaten path and see something different than many of the country’s more popular places. The easiest trek in Nepal has the most valuable trek experience you will witness the best. 



Backpack for a short trek in Nepal to experience the real-life


The greatest hiking backpack not only transports your belongings but also allows you to travel or hike deep into the hilly terrain and discover new areas.


Have you ever experienced a tough situation while traveling or trekking off-road and thought if you have bought the basic needs with the backpack


Let’s not confuse making things difficult. If you are planning the short trek in Nepal, this would help you to get the right things for the right route.


There are some essential gears that have to be packed:



Light woolen T-shirts and pants

Down jacket 




Dry foods and chocolates and nuts 


Including only the basic essentials, since tents are not mandatory, because there are many tea houses that would decrease the weight of the bag and make the trip easy and fast. 


Also, always pack the medication kits if you regularly take the medicine. Antibiotics Erythromycin, anti-nausea (Zofran), Diamox for altitude, blister kit, Imodium, hydration salts, and Tinidazole for Giardia.



Short trek in western Nepal


Most of the far western part of Nepal is off-road and contains a heavy beauty of the natural resources and historical architecture. Best short treks in Nepal are enlisted in western and far western with purely preserved natural resources and preserved traditions and culture.


The far west of Nepal is near the bottom of practically every ranking, but it is near the top of the class for adventure and wonder.


Deep, dark forests, glittering sheets of water, lonely ice and snow-covered mountains, small gorges, and historic villages make up this environment.


People usually do not highlight the charm of western Nepal as they offer and do the advertisement like in eastern Nepal.



Nepal gets pushed to its zenith that magnifies the routes and hovers the panorama of peace and beauty. Many of the off-beat trek paths have the potential to attract people who actually will trek and travel to explore the available resources to the fullest.


Western Nepal presents many hurdles and logistical nightmares for trekkers, but the payoff is a wide swath of unexplored Himalayan land waiting to be discovered. We are mentioning some of the highlighted treks below:

Bardia National park 

Rara Lake

Limi valley trek

Saipal base camp trek




If you are a beginner trekker and fit health, all these trekking sites and places are moderate and easy to start a journey. People who enjoy adventure and thrill should not miss the above-mentioned short treks.