Essential Things to Know Before Visiting Nepal
Essential Things to Know Before Visiting Nepal

Essential Things to Know Before Visiting Nepal


What about spending precious time in a mesmerizing place, standing on the lap of hills and mountains just above the horizon?


The first imagination that holds the beauty and cheers of the moment is here. We can feel it from the words. Nepal and its spectacular natural resources have magnificent sources to fill the wisdom of the wonders and attract people from different corners of the world.


things to know before visitng Nepal
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Let’s discuss what are the things to know before visiting Nepal. Nepal lies on the lap of the mountain, also surrounded by hills and mountains for ¾ of the total part. So visiting Nepal is named one of the adventure journeys.    


Read these resources before visiting the places

Geography of Nepal

Nepal is a non-contiguous country between the two large countries, India and China. People seeking adventure and daring activities get the full pleasure of the trip to Nepal and the visitor guide too. The challenging routes and trek of Nepal are one of the best adventure destinations in the world.


The geographical field of Nepal is separated into three regions. The upper and off-road mountains, the mid-hills (inner terai), and the flat plain are also called terai.


Every region of Nepal has a different climate structure. The upper hills and mountains are cold throughout the year and the plain region of terai is extremely hot in summer and extremely cold in winter. The infrastructure of Nepal is distributed in the same ways as the distributed region of Nepal in a different format. 


The plain terrain is well facilitated, with roads and vehicles from east to west, but with some extent of excuse on the way. The mid-hill route is pleasant but not the best throughout the season, and the mountain region is almost off-road throughout the season.


We are enlisting the best destination in Nepal here.


Visa and visit permits

Nepal is the easiest to get a visa. You can apply for a visa online up to 15 days before your arrival date in Nepal. All you’ll need is the address of the hotel room where you’ll be staying in Nepal, as well as a current digital picture of your passport-size photo to upload to your application. It all depends on how you want your visa to be registered, either visa on arrival or the visit visa.


Along with a visa, and a specific region to travel to, there is a requirement of visit permits if the region is conservative or preserved. Before traveling to Nepal, here is something to keep in mind. So research the place you are planning to visit before landing at the site.


Language to Communicate

Nepalese are as beautiful as Nepal itself is. People are living their lives simply. The tradition and the culture have the same old values, norms, and respect. The mother tongue of Nepalese people is Nepali but here, over 122 languages are spoken. People from different castes have their own language. 


English is the least spoken language, but if you are there to travel with the travel agency, you will be able to communicate through a guide who also works as a translator. The local spoken major language is Nepali and somewhere in the Magar community, people use their local language, i.e. Magar. Gurung, Tamang, Tharu, and Newari are the most preferred languages.  


Currency and payment method

The official currency of Nepal is Nepalese rupees/rupee or NRP/Rs. In Nepal, cash is used for the majority of transactions. And, while credit cards are accepted in large department stores, don’t expect to be able to use your credit or debit card everywhere. These means of transaction‌ are widely accepted by major hotels, restaurants, and airlines.  


The large capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, has many currency exchangers that would ease you after landing at the international airport because the only international airport is TIA at Kathmandu and the travel agency is pretty much easier to consult. The exchange rate of money may vary according to the company, so get the raw and factual details before getting to them. 


Traveling routes and vehicles

After arrival at the international airport in Kathmandu, there are easily available taxis and vehicles that will take you to the destination. Or if you are here with some travel agency, there will be the agency vehicle that will take you to the hotel for your stay.


The road and route of Nepal are pretty much easier in the terai region. Local buses and tourist vehicles are available on the different routes, making it easy to travel at a low cost.


Always be concerned with the fraud and fake people who seem to loot new people from different localities. The route and trek are fair to every tour destination. Locals are active people to guide the local areas and advertise the local resources.


Safety and precaution

The first thing to be concerned about during the trek, and travel is safety. Nepal is a safe country to travel. Rather, solo travel is restricted to some extent because of the location and‌ route. It is always the best idea to go with a group of people to travel to any of the destinations to explore.


Despite Nepal being hills and mountainous country, there may arise problems in accommodation and networking, so be prepared for a concerned backpack before starting the journey.


Nepal army and police have given a good quality of services. Every local villager and people show a helping hand to every guest. There is a quotation “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means guests are gods, so they are welcomed and provided with the quality services they can afford.



Local and street foods to taste

There are a lot of things to know before visiting Nepal than the things mentioned above. People after arriving in Nepal carve to the fullest to test the best momos of Kathmandu valley and other local areas too. The best fast street food is Momo and pani puri also locally called “fulki”. The regular meal of Nepali people is “daat, vaat and tarkali”.


Nepali people always have dinner at their home with their family. Unlike the foreign, the dinner culture is never outside the home’s kitchen. The family gathers and meeting at the best is the best pat to the whole of the culture and tradition.


And talking about the street and fast food, many stalls stand aside on the road that attracts the people to taste the local street food of Nepal. 


Alike having their own language of their caste, people also cook the food item according to their culture and caste in original form.


Concerned About 

Drinking tap water

The sources of drinking water in Nepal are Himalayas and mountains. The drinking water facilities are easily available in every street in Nepal but are considered unsafe for health. Sometimes in heavy rainfall water flow mud into the drinking tape water. So concerning about the health condition we request to take filtered water as possible. 


Food and lodging are good so far. Only the thing you have to consider is your health not only for the water but also the climate change and the environmental factor to adjust. 


Nepal is worth visiting in the list of travel destinations of other factors as accommodation, the location, and the peace of nature and the heritage 


Environment and weather

All four seasons are favorable to travel and trek in Nepal throughout the year. There is a variation of climate as Nepal is geographically hills and mountains. Yet it offers an all-time favor for trekking.


The best season is fall and spring. While summarizing the season, summer is warm and hot in terai and mild in hills and mountains. Winter is freezing and snow falls at the range of high altitudes with a beautiful view at the top. 


If you are traveling to the hills and mountains of Nepal, be sure that you have prepared for the cold weather to adjust. But the fall and spring season is the best of all to view the panoramic beauty of clear mountains to the closest.


Due to the under-developing construction of different routes to the hilly region, it may be difficult to hike on the hill during the rainy season. Local buses and‌ vehicles are not available that frequent. 


The view is blocked, and the trail is disturbed by the leeches, which is a significant problem for ground transportation. 


Backpack Nepal

Nepal has opened its doors to backpackers from around the world. If you are going to Nepal to have a great adventure trek in this backpack. The most amusing offer you will experience here. Backpack depends on your trip when and how long you are staying in Nepal.


Every backpack travel is possibly available in Kathmandu city and other major trekking areas in Nepal. 


If you are alone and willing to solo traveler, you can enjoy your own company but be sure to understand the guidelines and rules to follow, and stay safe yourself.


Nepal is a peaceful country and locals are the best guide for the trek, but we never know what happens suddenly. So backpack your logging and eating items with the required document and never forget to make traveling insurance while traveling to any corner of the world.


We are also including some of the searched lists while traveling to Nepal


Best time to visit Nepal

Travel Nepal is a worthwhile experience. Between October and December, when the skies are crystal blue and the sights are stunning, is the finest season to explore Nepal. Until about April, the atmosphere remains dry, with ambient temperature by location. 


Winter is cool and dry. However, in Jan-Feb there are fewer visitors, and you’ll be rewarded with clear sky, breathtaking vistas, and calmer hiking routes. At around this time, high-altitude trekking should be avoided.


Mid-spring is the best season. The rhododendrons are in full bloom in late May, making it a lovely time to travel. The temperature range reached the highest heat and humidity. 


It is also the best time to visit Nepal Himalayas and hills in a blissful environment. Nepal will reawaken your love of nature and unveil its various facets, leaving you speechless. It will push you to disconnect from your regular distractions and embrace nature.


The Best Destination to Visit 

A trip to Nepal is always the best decision on behalf of the hills and mountain trekking. Also, the culture and the practices of Nepal tradition attract people once to experience life. Nepal will reignite your passion for nature and reveal its many dimensions, leaving you astonished. It will encourage you to unplug from your usual distractions and reconnect with nature.


There is an enormous list of travel destinations. Have a sight we recommend from the real sources and facts.


Kathmandu sightseeing

The center city of Nepal has lots to offer to visitors. The hiking and trekking sport is the real natural sites to visit. Kathmandu city is also well known for its world heritage sites. Patan durbar square, Bhaktapur durbar square, and Pashupatinath mandir are non-forgetting places while visiting Nepal. Enjoy the Kathmandu valley tour in a short period of time with plenty of resources and visiting places.



Lumbini day visit

Lumbini lies in the mid-western part of Nepal. Lumbini is a famous place for lord Gautam Buddha who is known as the light of Asia. The birthplace of Gautam Buddha is preserved and has historic importance worldwide. 


The sacred site also has many monasteries and historic sites. There’s also the Puskarini, or Holy Pond, where the Buddha’s mother took the pre-birth ritual plunge and where he took his first bath. 



Pokhara is a heart for the mesmerizing view of lakes, hills, and mountains. It is considered the tourism capital of Nepal. It is famous for its breathtaking views of the Annapurna range. Travel to Fewa Lake, you may go boating on the lake’s calm waters and dine at one of the many restaurants that line the shore.


This place is also affordable to everyone, from domestic to international tourists. The best sightseeing of Ghorepani Poohnhill is a highly referred visiting destination of every Pokhara visitor. You can also have the pleasure of an alluring view sitting on the lap of the mountain. 


Hiking and trekking sites:

The panorama beauty of Nepal is surrounded by hills and mountains of Nepal. The first sunrise to see from the top of the Himal is beyond the imagination. 


Annapurna circuit trek

The large mountain range trek in Nepal is the Annapurna Circuit trek. Mountain ranges and the serenity of the view catch the heart of the visitor. The off-road trail path makes the journey the trek more adventure. The trekking trail through farmlands and subtropical vegetation, as well as many other cliffs and massive ledges, as well as several countrysides. 


This is possibly the ideal journey to go on if you want to see a little of everything Nepal has to offer, far from easy.


Everest base camp trek

Have you ever listen about the road to heaven? If yes then, real heaven is the world’s largest top mountain, i.e. Mount Everest. The sudden things that come to mind when someone talks about Nepal are the natural scenery, hills, and the most important mountain. Everest base camp trek takes you above the horizon. 


The Everest Base Camp Trek is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, rich in history and natural splendor. While going through a veritable museum of mountaineering history, extreme mountains, and insights into a deeply ingrained Buddhist culture.


This Everest Base Camp Trek blends breathtaking scenery with immersion in traditional village life, making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience in an ever-changing world.


Mardi Himal trek

The challenging and off-the-beaten trek in the Annapurna region. This is the least known route that is not highly exposed. This is the peaceful and undisturbed path leading to one of the best scenic trekking spots. 


There are many tree houses that will wonder the journey to the fullest. The lodging and accommodation are well managed either locally or for business purposes. 


Trekking is not difficult for the beginner. And if you are expertise in mountain trekking, then trekking is possible without a guide as well. Experience the thrill and adventure in the offbeat park is a mesmerizing and unforgettable journey to Mardi Himal Trek. 


Adventure things to do 

Apart from the scenic place in Nepal visiting, you can experience the fun and thrill of traveling in the adventure sports in Nepal. Bungee jump, wildlife tour, Paragliding, and Rafting are the best thrill practice you can witness and experience. Have a great experience of wildlife tour in Chitwan jungle safari


When people are finding ways to do adventure and thrill in life from the above mention, things to see in Nepal before visiting Nepal here are also the best fewest things to do at nightlife in Kathmandu Nepal.


The capital of Nepal is a densely populated area. Aside from being facilitated, infrastructure population density is also rapidly increasing. Nightlife is highly concentrated on the Thamel of Kathmandu. This region is noted for its upscale nightclubs, cafes, cafes, and live music performances.


Pokhara city is the main tourist area of Nepal. People highly concentrated at this place at night. The area is known for its high-end nightclubs, cafes, and live music events.


S0, if you are eagerly waiting to begin your tour and trek journey to Nepal you are placing right-click for information about things to know before visiting Nepal. Get yourself to Nepal. You are always welcome.