Visit Tengboche Monastery | Mani Rimdu Festival |Everest Region | Khumbu Valley Trek

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The mountains of Nepal shroud numerous such beyuls. The “Khumbu Valley” in the Everest Area is one such consecrated space. Sherpas from the Khumbu Valley, who are referred to the world over as intense mountain guides, are passionate Buddhists. Profoundly otherworldly, for them, Buddhism is a lifestyle. These mountain groups used to rehearse an animistic religion known as Bon Po before the approach of Buddhism in the mountains. Master Rinpoche or Padmasambhava is accepted to have presented Buddhism in the Himalayas. Buddhist people group living in the high Himalayas commend the appearance of Buddhism in their own interesting way. In Tengboche, a Sherpa town named after a Buddhist cloister arranged in the town, the occupants watch the Mani Rimdu celebration to commend the presentation of Buddhism in the mountains by Master Rinpoche and to look for favors and assurance from the Buddha of Sympathy, Chenrezig. Tengboche Cloister was set up over three centuries prior and is a vital otherworldly site for Sherpa’s living in the Khumbu Himal. Beautifully covered moves are known as ‘Cham‘ and religious scenes by priests stamp the celebration. Consecrated tantric ceremonies by lamas are likewise performed at the religious community amid the celebration.

The festival of Mani Rimdu begins with the installation of a ‘mandala’ using coloured sand by the monks.  Lamas (monks) meditate and worship in front of this mandala for ten days. Sherpa villagers from Tengboche and neighbouring villages gather at the monastery’s courtyard to enjoy the elaborate dances and rituals performed by the monks. Dressed in elaborate costumes the monks enact scenes depicting Padmasambhava fighting with the demons and Buddhist lessons on goodness and morality. Altogether sixteen dances with some comic interludes are performed.

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